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Crafty Romaji

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Feb. 28th, 2006 | 09:12 am
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Using Japanese craft books for inspiration and patterns has become very popular in crafty circles. Web searches can be easier if you know a bit of "crafty" Romanji (Japanese words written using English letters). I don't speak Japanese, but these words have been picked up by me spending too much time on the Internet looking at Japanese craft book titles. Here are some commonly used terms:

emburoidori = embroidery
masuktsuto = mascot
fueruto = felt
handomeido = handmade
kawaii = cute
batsugu = purse/bag
nuigurumi = stuffed toy
amigurumi = stuffed crochet toy
zakka = craft/crafts ?
homumeido = homemade
tezaiku/tedukuri = handicraft, homemade, hand crafted
faburikku = fabric

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