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Kawaii Crafting

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Feb. 27th, 2006 | 10:33 pm
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I got into some aspects of Japanese pop culture when I started reading manga about two years ago (yes, I'm a geeky girl). And like many crafters as of late, I've hopped on the Japanese craft book wagon.

Why does there seem to be a cult following for these Japanese books and magazines? Probably because so many of the projects in them are just so damn cute ("kawaii")! The instructions are mainly diagram and picture based, so they are easy to understand even if you don't read or speak Japanese.

One of the better sites to go to is Yes Asia since it is in English as well as Asian languages. A knowledge of Romaji (anglicized Japanese words) will help find books more easily. They also offer free shipping when you buy over a certain amount.

Fujisan is another site that you can browse in English for Japanese books. Their prices are usually higher, but they have some things that Yes Asia doesn't.

The more adventurous can try Amazon Japan, but since the majority of the site is in Japanese and there are no Yen conversion tools, the experience can be frustrating, even when you have ISBN numbers.

Auction site e-Bay is also a source, but can be very overpriced. You can use e-bay to preview books (since most sellers have several pix) and then go to Yes Asia to purchase them at a more reasonable price.

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